Lazz Pharma Ltd.
Lazz Pharma Ltd.
Drug & Departmental Store
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Drug & Departmental Store
24 Hrs Service...
Profile of Lazz Pharma Ltd.

1. The name of the company is Lazz Pharma Ltd.
2 . The registered office of the company shall be situated in Bangladesh.
3 . The object for which the company is established are all or any of the following and all the objects will be implemented after obtaining necessary permission from the Government/ Concerned authority / Competent authority before commencement of business.
4. To acquire and take over a running concern of business now carried on at 63/1, Lake Circus, Khalabagan, Dhaka, under the name & style of Lazz Pharma, of which sole proprietorship concern together will all properties, licenses, medicines, machineries, furniture, assets & liabilities in connection there with the goodwill of the firm thereof and with a value thereto to enter in to an agreement and to carry the same into effect with or without modification.
5. To setup Medicine Stores in different places of the country and to run Medicine business.
6. To setup Medicine Stores to sale different types of needful medicines.
7. To carry on the business of wholesaler and retailer of all sorts of medicines, life saving drugs, chemical and pharmaceutical products.
8. To own, establish or maintain shops, show-room, branches and/or agencies all over Bangladesh or else where for sales, purchase, import, export, supply and distribution of all kinds of Needful Medicines.
9. To carry on the business as importer, exporter, manufacture, buyer and seller medicines and all such products all kinds and description.
10. To carry on the manufacture and sale of medicines and preparation and generally to carry on the business of manufacture, buyers and sellers of and dealers in all kinds of medicines, medical preparation and life saving drugs whatsoever.
11. To carry on the business of manufactures of and dealers, both wholesale and retail in pharmaceuticals, medicine, chemical including various industrial chemicals and other preparation and articles, compound, oils, paints, pigment and varnishes and deals in articles of all kinds and electrical, chemical and scientific apparatus and materials.
12. To carry on the business as importers, exporters and dealers in general stores and provisions in all its branches in particular as importers or exporters of and dealers in chemical, therapeutical, photographical, scientific apparatus and other articles and health care products of all sorts and deal in commodities of personal consumption including cosmetics and toiletries.
13. To carry on the business as manufacture, stockiest, importers and exporters and dealers in medical and surgical instruments and equipment of all types and categories for personal and hospital utility.
14. To deal with all sorts of Electro Medical and Hospital equipments covering all the branches of Medical Science viz. General medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Cardio Thoraces, Urology, Neurology, Gastro-Etiology, E,T,N., Ophthalmology, Endocrinology, Anesthesiology and other kinds as the Company may deem fit and proper.
15. To buy and sell all sorts of accessories, x-ray, Films, Imaging, Chemicals, Auto processors, Video Printers, Multiformat Camera, Kits, Reagents, Medicines for Laboratory Tests.
16. To set up medicine industry to produce different types of needful medicines.
17. To carry on the business of importers and exporters of all kinds of goods and services, commodities and merchandise form and to all countries of the world.
18. To act as an agent of foreign buyers and negotiate order on behalf of both the buyer and manufacturer, distribute the orders among the manufacturers/exporters and ensure quality specified goods on commission basis.
19. To carry on all business as exporters, importers, traders in Handicrafts, cottage industry, consumer's goods, food items, medicines items, beverage items & other related products.
20. To enter into any joint Venture Agreement with any foreign person or company carrying on or engaged in any bushiness so as directly or indirectly to benefit this Company.
21. To buy and sell plant, machinery, provisions and other things capable of being used in connection with the business of the Company.
22. To acquire and to take over form any individual, form any individual, firm or company the goodwill, licence, rights, privileges and other assets and liabilities belonging to the individual, firm or company or enter into agreement or contract with a view to establishing any joint venture industry or enterprise.
23. To draw, make, accept, endorse, discount, execute and issue promissory notes, bill of exchange, bills of lading and other negotiable or transferable instrument.
24. To do all or any of them above things either as principal, agents, contractors or other bodies and either alone or in conjuction with others.
25. To do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any one of them.
26. To establish branch offices, sub-offices inside the country or abroad for conducting the business of the Company.
27. The liability of the Members in Limited by shares.
28. The Authoried Share Capital of the Company is Tk. 1,00,00,000/- (Take One Crore) divided into 1,00,000 (One Lac) ordinary shares of Tk. 100/- (Taka One Hundred) each with power to increase or reduce the capital and to divided the shares for the time being into several classes and attach thereto such qualified or special rights, privileges and conditions as may be determined by the Company and to vary, modify or abrogate any such rights, privileges and conditions in such manner as may form time to time be provided by the resolution of the Company and to considerate or sub-divide the share and to issue the shares of higher or lower denomination.

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